“By the sacred anointing of the sick and the prayer of the priests the whole Church commends those who are ill to the suffering and glorified Lord, that he may raise them up and save them. and indeed she exhorts them to contribute to the good of the People of God by freely uniting themselves to the Passion and death of Christ.”97

97 LG 11; cf.  Jas 5:14-16;  Rom 8:17;  Col 1:24;  2 Tim 2:11-12;  1 Pet 4:13.

Catechism of the Catholic Church 1499

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The parish community prays continually for the healing of our sick parishioners. The Sacrament of the Sick (anointing) is available to anyone who is seriously or chronically ill, weakened by age, or threatened by major surgery. Likewise, Communion calls to the homebound are made upon request. Please contact the parish office if you or your loved one is hospitalized or is in need of these special services at 440-277-7266.